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Lilly Pulitzer Art Direction

Concepted and directed a bold, colorful shoot that would complement our Floridian location imagery.  Gradient backdrops paired with airy linens and saturated, solid sets for our activewear; these images supported our #summerinlilly marketing campaigns on all platforms.
In my role at Lilly, I plan and art direct all off-model marketing photography. What started as a need for a few social media images quickly grew into 30-50 shots per season. This creative content is now a critical part of our overall campaign strategy and used throughout our site, emails, social platforms, and digital advertising. 


For their Spring 2020 season, Lilly Pulitzer was ready for a complete e-commerce photography overhaul. The current imagery was a mix-match of outdated direction resulting in stiff posing, inconsistent lighting, and inaccurate product color. I was tasked with updating our style guide addressing everything from model mood, lighting, and the implementation of processes that would keep us consistent and efficient. I art direct all e-commerce photoshoots to ensure our images are not only engaging and inspiring, but also true to the product to ensure a positive customer experience.